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Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Hinayana Mahayana

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Accumulated or composite means that a lot of stuff has been put together. For instance, the clothing you may want to buy comes from a tailor and has material, thread, color and shape of all kinds, and a price attached. So it is a composite of many things, or accumulated. Therefore anything that is accumulated or put together as a bundle is subject to decay. Q: So what kind of thing is not accumulated? R: Nothing very much. Nothing very much. It could be just a sudden shot of precision in one's mind such as the experience of sunyata, something which does not need to be contained.

Nevertheless, if you get on the highway you may not have enough power to speed along as much as you want. So the interesting point is that the hinayana is a slowing-down process. But you are still taking a journey on the spot, in some sense. And you do not become too ambitious, taking a big load or taking too many passengers in your vehicle, since your engine is so limited in power. So you are reduced into being very definite and precise. The idea of the hinayana approach is trying to prevent any possibilities of frivolity.

So maintaining the vehicle is part of the student's role. You have to keep up with your techniques and the particular disciplines that have been presented to you. So the idea of yana is making a journey from somewhere to somewhere else. But there is an unusual difference between the approach of the buddhist tradition or the buddhadharma and the theistic traditions, which we have to bring up constantly, again and again. Some of you might find that coming back to this old saw-or sore-again and again might be creating further pain.

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