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By John Stanaway

Shaped in October 1943, the 479th FG claimed a powerful heritage opposed to the Luftwaffe through the ultimate 12 months of the warfare. initially flying P-38s, the 479th's pilots had a fierce satisfaction of fingers. They earned a Presidential exclusive Unit quotation within the overdue summer season of 1944 and have been additionally credited with the USAAF's first German jet kill in July 1944. ultimately transitioning to the P-51D in September 1944, the 479th excelled with the Mustang. The 479th FG used to be credited with scoring the final aerial victory claimed through the 8th Air Force's VIII Fighter Command, on 25 April 1945. by way of VE-Day, 29 pilots flying within the workforce had earned ace prestige.

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A cold fronr had passed through, and was scheduled ro be over Poland before the mission was launched. One last show. 'I would lead A group, with the 434th FS up fronr. The day didn't look roo bad as we rook off, but once we headed out over the sea cloud starred ro build up ahead. By the time we had idenrifled the wing of B-24s we were ro escorr, great stacks of cumulus rose three ro four miles high from the ground. Every now and then the Liberarors would disappear from view, and for safery we had ro dodge around or over the mass of clouds.

The enemy aircraFt then rolled gently over onto its ba k and dived into a cloud bank, the top of which was '000 Ft indi ated. J > u... J l- e... <:( ::r:: u Col Zemke, meanwhile, had been having some trouble making the rendezvous with his assigned bomber combat wing, so he decided to lead his portion of the 479th FG to the target at Brux and wait for the bombers there. Flying west of Chemnitz, he observed some fast-moving singleengined aircraft in tight formation about ten miles away. By the time Zemke and his flight had closed on the bogies at high speed, the still unidentified aircraft were engaging a formation of American bombers.

When we rendezvoused with the bombers west of Magdeburg, they were already coming under this kind of attack. The effect was devastati ng, with B-17sexplodingand falling out of the sky. J had never seen so many aircrafi: going down in Oames, or in pieces, in such asmall area. There were 20 to 30 parachutes, some of which were on fire (the Jst BD lost no fewer than 23 B-17s on 28 September). I saw one Fw 190 spinning down vertically, minus its engine and propeller. ' Biscayart c1ai med rwo Fw 190s from the formation, the second ofwhich was abandoned by its pilot before he even opened fire.

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