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By Mircea Eliade

Publish 12 months note: initially released in French below the name Histoire des croyances et des idees religieuses. Vol. 2: De Gautama Bouddha au triomphe du christianisme Payot, Paris, 1978. First released in english in 1982

In quantity 2 of this enormous paintings, Mircea Eliade keeps his magisterial development throughout the background of spiritual principles. The religions of historical China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and his contemporaries, Roman faith, Celtic and German religions, Judaism, the Hellenistic interval, the Iranian syntheses, and the start of Christianity—all are encompassed during this quantity.

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77 133.. ' '79 Another group of scholars maintains the fundamental unity of all the historical forms of Taoism. 80 And in fact the "metaphysicians," the "mystics," and the adepts in quest of physical immortality all shared the same paradoxical conception of the Tao and sought to reach the same result: to unite in their person the two epiphanies of ultimate reality (yang and yin, matter and spirit, life and death). But the distinction between "philosophical Taoism" and the "Taoist religion" is useful and may be preserved.

135). Hence the universe reveals itself to be constituted by a series of antithetical forms that alternate cyclically. There is perfect symmetry between the cosmic rhythms, governed by the interaction of the yang and the yin, and the complementary alternation of the activities of the two sexes. And since a feminine nature has been attributed to everything that is yin and a masculine nature to everything that is yang, the theme of the hierogamy reveals a cosmic as well as a religious dimension. Indeed, the ritual opposition between the two sexes expresses both the complementary antagonism of the two life formulas and the alternation of the two cosmic principles, the yang and the yin.

LOS A number of ideas and practices that we have presented in the last two sections are documented in texts from the Ch'in and Han periods (ca.

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