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By Christmas Humphreys

A dictionary and a word list of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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Known in China as Tamo, and in Japan as Daruma. For his famous interview with the Emperor see W. of Bsm. No. 118. Thereafter he meditated for nine years in silence and departed. The twenty-eighth Indian and first Chinese Zen Patriarch. , although it was left to Masters of the eighth century, led by Hui-neng, to consolidate his teaching and technique into a school of Bsm. ) One whose ‘being’ or ‘essence’ (sattva) is bodhi, that is, the wisdom resulting from direct perception of Truth, with the compassion awakened thereby.

It seceded from the Theosophical Society in 1926, when its journal, Buddhism in England. now The Middle Way, was founded. Renamed ‘The Buddhist Society, London’, in 1943, and ‘The Buddhist Society’ in 1952 in deference to the request of provincial affiliated societies. 1, include a lecture hall, a library of 3,000–4,000 volumes, a shrine room, a bookstall, an art collection, archives and offices. ). See Humphreys, Sixty Years of Buddhism in England (1968). A popular dictionary of buddhism 37 Buddhist Society of Great Britain and Ireland See England, Buddhism in.

Writings but should be accepted figuratively, in sense of displaying vices of stupidity, gluttony, etc. No actual rebirth in animal form exists for human beings. ), has led to idea of annihilation as goal of Buddhist endeavour. ) which form the evanescent part of man. e. losing objective existence but retaining subjective being). See Anattā, Nirvana. ) Repose of mind. , in the famous question by the second Patriarch Hui-k’o to Bodhidharma, who sought repose of mind. See Hui-k’o. ) Condition between lives.

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