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By Douglas Jacobsen

Pentecostalism has skilled explosive progress during the last century. This reader examines the guidelines that introduced the move and fueled its growth all over the world. A common advent to the ebook describes the background and theology of the early Pentecostal stream and its value to the modern Christian international. a quick biography introduces all of the sixteen influential leaders whose voices are recorded here.

Vivid and energetic contributions are incorporated from Fred Francis Bosworth, William Howard Durham, Garfield Thomas Haywood, Esek William Kenyon, Joseph Hillary King, Robert Clarence Lawson, Aimee Semple McPherson, Charles Harrison Mason, David Wesley Myland, Charles Fox Parham, William J. Seymour, Richard G. Spurling, George Floyd Taylor, Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson, Andrew David Ursham, and Maria Beulah Woodworth-Etter. Their works signify the entire spectrum of the early Pentecostalmovement.

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No one can talk for God [except] by the enlightening power of the Holy Ghost. ) . . My dear sister in Christ, as you hear these words may the Spirit of God come upon you, and make you willing to do the work the Lord has assigned to you. ” Chapter XXXV: Sermon on Visions and Trances . . On the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost was seen, heard and felt, thousands were brought into the spiritual kingdom of God. Peter stood up in a blaze of Holy Ghost power and glory, and said when God poured out His Spirit on His sons and daughters they would see visions and dream dreams and prophesy.

He showed 28 maria beulah woodworth-etter him the Heavenly City, the Great City, the City of Gold, and the jasper walls. The City lieth four square—fifteen hundred miles high, as long and wide as it was high. He was told about the climate, the inhabitants, and their occupation. He had visions of the great judgment day, of the lake of fire and brimstone and all the lost that were swept into it. The Lord told him to write all that he saw and heard, and show it to the Churches, and they were to show it to the world.

Counterfeit sealings being abroad assures us it is time for the true sealing to take place. Wherever the counterfeit exists, the real must also. , we said: God has the real of which these sorceries are the counterfeit. We found Him who bare our sicknesses (Matt. 8:17) and was lifted up for us even as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, (for healing). ) When beholding the power of spiritualism, for though 99 per cent of it is slight of hand it does contain certain forces, as the possession of mediums, speaking under the control of evil spirits, etc.

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