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A Philosophical research of the Buddha Nature Treatise and different chinese language Buddhist Texts

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30 A. INTRODUCTION AND REFUTATION OF OTHER VIEWS 1• Introduction The author begins in a manner very suggestive of his understanding of Buddha nature. 11 This kind of question, we may surmise, would be questionbegging in a way quite destructive to the view that the author wishes to present. 11 The nature of being and the substantiality of the Buddha nature are the two single issues which the BNT1s author seems to feel are most mis­ understood by others and which he thus focuses on from the beginning of the text.

The BNT "received serious consideration in China and Japan as a representative text arguing for the existence in all beings of Buddha nature and against the consciousness-only view recognizing no Buddha nature , 工 material did get mixed with the text during the process of transmission. (Takemura; p. ) Takemura makes a bold attempt to determine whether Vasubandhu, Paramartha, one else may have added these commentary-like passages. He feels each case has to be treated individually and that it is very difficult to be sure in one’s judgment• He doubts, however, that Paramartha would have been rash enough to in­ sert his views this way and feels tha the text Paramartha received must have contained them and that Paramartha "obediently" translated them.

As in the case of the Hinayana schools, however, his presentation of the views of these schools is deficient and his primary con­ cern appears to lie elsewhere. In fact, though he at length refutes the "own-nature views" of these two schools and argues for the emptiness of own—nature, his direct aim is to differentiate his view that Buddha nature "aborigi­ nally exists" from their alleged views that own-nature ex2 ists. Thus, in effect, he is concerned to establish that Buddha nature is not an own-nature.

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