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By Raychel Haugrud Reiff

Introduces the existence and writings of authors whose works without end replaced the period of time during which they lived, and whose writing is still a dynamic a part of the literary panorama.

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H. Lawrence, was drawn to Freud’s idea that instinct was more important than the intellect (Fraser, 626), but Huxley was “never an admirer of Freud” (Murray, 435). One way progressives tried to make the world a better place was to promote fairness in British life. Humanitarians, feeling that the state had an obligation to care for the sick and the elderly, passed legislation for old-age pensions in 1908 and national insurance in 1911 (Fraser, 632). Progressives believed that the British colonies would soon be independent, since the British Empire was “merely a trustee for the future.

He described the research station as “the most frightening exhibition of scientific and highly organized insanity I have ever seen” (Bedford, 514). That same year, he published The Devils of Loudun, “an historical example of the diabolic possession he seemed to detect in the geopolitical world of the 1950s” (Murray, 384). While the superpowers fought, Americans’ fears of Communism were made worse by a witch hunt led by Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was determined to locate and eliminate suspected Communists who lived in the country.

Medical advances helped people live longer and with fewer debilitating diseases. One new medical advance was the development of the field of psychoanalysis, which became a tool to help people with emotional problems. In 1948 Huxley and Maria both tried using psychoanalysis under the guidance of Laura Archera, who would become Huxley’s second wife. Although the process did not work for them, many people, particularly those with mental illnesses, were helped by this technique. Huxley became an expert in this field, lecturing on psychology for the Menninger Foundation, a primary center of psychiatric training, in 1960.

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