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What's the nature of global Anglicanism in a postcolonial, worldwide age? This ebook presents the foremost to figuring out either the nature of this Christian culture and the fundamental nature of present disputes. It describes the rules of the culture and descriptions its important ideals and practices, concentrating on project, liturgy, engagement with others, and gear, wisdom and authority within the church. It comprises chapters on women's ordination and on homosexuality within the public lifetime of the church, and the ultimate bankruptcy appears to be like to the demanding situations of the long run.

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Stephens, He succeeded in doing what none of them [later historians] were able even to attempt: he gave his audience a new history. He gave the Anglo-Saxons first a British history; then by turn a Roman history, a Catholic and a Christian history. Finally he showed them that all this meant that they had a new history of their own, English history. 18 All of this shows not just that Bede has had a deep and abiding influence on English self-understanding but that he brought to birth a conception of the English as a Christian nation in which political power and the church walked together.

Clearly religious affinity did not necessarily override perceived political interest. 5 The religious and moral ideals of the cloister were not easily assimilated to the harsh realities of political life. It was a lesson that was to recur for Anglicans throughout the whole of their history, and one that has not always been heeded. Indeed the struggle between faith and humility on the one hand, and politics and power on the other, are unresolved tensions in Anglicanism to this day. They are unresolved because the tradition lacks an eschatological vocation of humility and human frailty together with a commitment to living in the particulars of the social world.

28 An Introduction to World Anglicanism Governance on the other hand is concerned with a somewhat different range of questions. It begins with the same contrast between types of kingship, between ‘regal dominion’ and ‘regal and political dominion’, though in this instance he takes his starting point from the request of the Israelites for a king in 1 Sam. 7. The unfaithful Israelites are not content with a theocracy in which the prophets have only a derivate authority. Samuel warns them that such a king will have tyrannical tendencies.

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