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By Cornelius Holtorf

What impression is there at the box to acknowledge that archaeology is a standard characteristic in lifestyle and pop culture? established upon the research of britain, Germany, Sweden and america, Cornelius Holtorf examines the commonalities and peculiarities of media portrayal of archaeology in those nations, and the diversities among media displays and viewers wisdom and allure to the topic, In his general enticing, populist variety, Holtorf discusses the most concepts to be had to archaeologists in enticing with their renowned representations. Possessors of a widely known, certainly valued and good underpinned model, archaeologists have to take extra heavily the allure in their paintings.

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Three 60 min TV episodes. maneaters]. 1992. Stenmännen. Megalitbyggare och Människoätare [Stonemen. ). Bra Böckers encyklopedi om människans historia [Bra Böckers encyclopedia of human history]. Ten volume series covering the first humans, people of the Stone Age, Old World civilizations, New World and Pacific civilizations and traditional peoples today. Also available in English and German versions. 37 Cornelius Holtorf With his special interest in the inhabitants of paradise-like islands of the Pacific, Burenhult took the archaeology/exotic adventure connection further than most.

14 To a greater extend than any other media TV programmes and newspapers are both influencing and reflecting what people know and how they think. I am assuming here that TV programmes and newspaper articles are significant indicators for larger trends in popular culture. From a methodological standpoint, it is important to realise though that the reason for that is not that producers and editors simply decide what very large audiences, for lack of choice, get to watch or read. As far as the largest part of their revenues is concerned, contemporary mass media are not in the business of distributing content to paying audiences.

It is clear to him that visitors love the sensation of discovering something amazing, whether that is of material value or a new insight. Maybe that feeling of finding a treasure, once enjoyed by Schliemann and Carter, is also what makes modern tourists want to take a ride through a Viking age town? For Walker, archaeology is essentially about exploration. He explains that archaeologists are space travellers moving backwards in time, exploring foreign worlds. In a way, therefore, archaeologists study ”the Vikings as aliens”, as Walker puts it.

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