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By Bezalel Porten

Xxi + 421 pp. with 15 figs. & 14 plates, eightvo.

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1 7 : 1 6 ) . This injunction implies a trade of mercenaries for horses by Ma­ nasseh,49 who continued the policy of his father. Much to the chagrin of the 46 Cf. E. G. Kraeling, The Brooklyn Museum Aramaic Papyri (New Haven, 1 9 5 3 ) , 42f, n. 1 3 . An Assyrian statue of Bel-Sar-u�ur, whose name is written in Aramaic ( blsT>$r) , derives from the period of Assyrian rule in Egypt. R. A. Bowman, "Arameans, Aramaic, and the Bible," lNES 7 ( 1948) , 76, assigned the origin of this statue to Elephantine, but M.

322. 14 J EWS AND ARAMEANS IN E GYPT did send a force from Egypt whose effect was to draw off, temporarily, the Babylonian force besieging Jerusalem Oer. 37: 5ff) . Were the Jews who lived in the Egyptian border forts of Tahpanhes ( Daphnae) and Migdol (Jer. 44: 1 ) among Pharaoh's mercenaries? Had they taken part in this unsuccessful expeditionary force? , the government house;3 in Tahpanhes, thus implying a close connection between the Jews and these official quarters (Jer. 43 :8ff) . Dur­ ing the reign of Zedekiah, th e Egyptian Jewish community was already of such size that Jeremiah referred to it in the same breath with the remnant community of Jerusalem and the rest of Judah (Jer.

During the Hellenistic period positions of military command often passed from father to son and a son would fre­ quently be associated with his father in such positions even during the latter's lifetime; cf.

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