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Indeed , the Constable of France marvels 由at from a land where there is so little sunlight as in England the soldiers should be so brave. " 白11S complexion especially belongs to "the sight, sinews , hart and right side," and is subject to cramps, swooning, fluxes , and maladies of the mouth, stomach, and liver. 2 The type was appropriate 1 Dariot, sig. D 3 r. 'lbid. , D 3 v. 46 T he HUMORS and SHAKESPEARÙ CHARACTERS to fÍ ne gentlemen and grandes dames , and approached the sanguine humor; but Lemnius differentiates choler as hastier in speech, more scornful, bitter, and scurrilous:3 he seems to have had in mind mainly the former , martial sort , which was more pronounced and so more readily distinguished.

XIII , '44 ~t uq. , and the present writ町, "Sir John Falstaff," RES , VllI, 4' 4 ~t uq. •• See the present writer , "Dogberry's Due Process of La w ," IEGP , XLIl, 563 et uq . THE PHLEGMAnC TYPE 39 pure vacuity, or mere parroting of othefs, who needs the constant promptings of Sir Toby to "accost" Maria and to conduct his torpid wooing of Olivia, and even so is a laggard in love , and whose tirnorous duel with Viola shows him also a dastard in war. phlegmatic traits of character. Shakespeare's use of the phlegmatic type in serious sìtuations is at first a bit wooden as in Hero or very incidental as in Richard II's Queen; but, in Ophelia, he develops rather fu11y a realistic pathos.

Od. 1581) , 10 v05 29 v-30. "Cu /fo, pp. I1 8-119. n , p. 121 町 See the present writer , "Th e ‘ GraciOU5 Duncan;" MLR , XXXVI , 495 ~t uq_ .. riot, sig_ D 2 v. f 7 v. f 2 r. m , 5il\. lkinglon , p. to," MLQ , II , '79 , duq. 24 Thc HUMORS and SHAKESPEARE'S CHARACTERS nanimous and good-natured that he does not bear a grudge against his brother for withholding his inheritance , plotting his death, and forcing him from the paternal roof, and indeed at the conclusion of the play , even after saving him from the lion , does not say a word about restitution.

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