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By Francesca Happé

This identify is meant for complicated undergraduate and masters point scholars in psychology; specialist medical, developmental and academic psychologists; normal practitioners and others with a distinct curiosity in youngsters; careworkers; and fogeys of autistic young children.

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This raises the possibility that these subjects used their understanding of external representations such as pictures to come to some understanding of mental representations such as beliefs. 4 The false photograph task (by kind permission of the artist, Axel Scheffler). ªMind-blindnessº: practical impli cations Could the capacity to understand mental states be the single cognitive component at fault in autism? The ability to “mind-read” may be of such evolutionary importance that it is performed by a special, innately determined part of the brain.

As in the case of socialization, not all areas of language are equally affected in autism. For example, those children who speak usually show fairly normal phonology and grammar. g. Baltaxe 1977). So, for example, a child may show over-literal interpretation of language, like the intelligent autistic boy who, when told “stick your coat anywhere”, asked in all earnestness for some glue. AUTISM AT THE COGNITIVE LEVEL 33 Imagination Autistic children show a striking absence of spontaneous pretend or “symbolic” play (Wulff 1985).

E. the ability to “mentalize” or “mind-read”). They tested 20 autistic children with mental ages well over 4 years on the now-classic Sally-Ann task, a simple version of a false belief task devised by Wimmer & Perner (1983) (Fig. 1). In this task the child is shown two dolls, one called Sally, and one called Ann; Sally has a basket and Ann has a box. The child watches as Sally places her marble in the basket and goes out. While she’s out, naughty Ann moves Sally’s marble from the basket to her own box, then she goes out.

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