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A sequence that examines the lives of people that have had an enormous influence at the historical past or present perform of faith. This quantity follows the lifetime of Mohandas Gandhi, chief of the Indian fight for independance.

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Winning the sentiments of the soldiers eventually would be necessary, he knew. Although countless demonstrators were dying at the hands of the army, Khomeini did not condemn the men in uniform. Rather, in his taped messages he implored them not to harm the protesters, for they all were Muslims. Instead, he said, the army must turn against the godless shah and unite with the revolutionaries in a grand war on behalf of Allah. His appeals clearly had an effect. By Autumn 1978, many soldiers were refusing to use force against demonstrators; some literally were joining the protesters on the spot.

Still hoping to appease the opposition, Pahlavi purged government officials who were accused of abusing their power. Sharif-Emami was replaced as prime minister by General GholamReza Azhari. The shah even withdrew from his governing role. He acknowledged that his regime had made mistakes and called on the opposition to give him a chance to implement reforms. Meanwhile, his regime persuaded the Iraqi government to banish Khomeini from its country. Refused entry into neighboring Kuwait, Khomeini in October 1978 accepted an invitation of the Iranian Student Committee in Paris to relocate to France.

Certainly, it defined the United States as “the enemy” in the minds of Muslim fundamentalists in Iran. ” 12 29 30 AYATOLLAH RUHOLLAH KHOMEINI While developments such as these riled the Muslim leadership in Iran, they were part of Pahlavi’s plan for modernizing his nation. Iran had valuable oil reserves. The United States had technology, military equipment, and valuable industrial advisors. By using Iran’s natural resources and strategic foreign alliances, Pahlavi believed he could create a modern-day empire that would be more impressive, in many ways, than ancient Persia.

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