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3 7 ; 1 3 . 2 4 - 2 5 ) , even though the climax of his ministry lay in this encounter, implies that Luke wants t o make precisely this point - J o h n belongs in his w h o l e ministry t o the old epoch o f salvation. 8 Mark also seems to distinguish John's ministry from Jesus' fairly clearly (Mark 1 . 1 4 - J . M. ; cf. Wink 6 ) . ). W i t h Jesus, h o w e v e r , it is different. g. M a r k 1 3 . 2 4 - 2 6 ; Matt. 1 3 . 3 0 ; Luke 2 1 . 3 4 - 3 5 ) . But there is also the ' Cf. von Baer i 6 6 f ; F .

J 3 ; 3 . 3 4 (see p. 27 ;cf. , where we might easily Substitute wvcw/io for x«s (see p. 1 1 6 below). 20 'The king represents the people to Yahweh' (H. W. Robinson, 'The Hebrew Conccption of Corporate Personality', B Z A W 66 [ 1 9 3 6 ] 56, reprinted as Corporate Personality in Ancient Israel [1964] 1 1 ) ; that the Servant of Isa. 4 2 was seen as a corporate personality = Israel is based on the assumption that the Servant there was equated with the Servant of Isa. if. See further H. H. Rowlcy, Tbe Servant of tbe Lord ( 1 9 5 2 ) 3 3 - 5 8 .

But it was only that. It was n o t the baptism at which the Father expressed his pleasure; it was his S o n w i t h w h o m he was well pleased, because he had s h o w n his willingness f o r his divine mission. It was this attitude which G o d commended, and it was this attitude which resulted in the gift of the Spirit. If then the events at J o r d a n are intended t o be a type of Christian conversion-initiation,'*^ w e should note w h a t it means. It certainly does not mean that the ritual act and experience coincides and is identical w i t h the Spiritual act and experience it 'symbolizes', as Plooij so rashly expressed it.

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