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94. Rushdoony By What Standard? An Analysis of the Philosophy of Cornelius Van Til (Tyler, Texas: Thoburn Press, [1959] 1983), p. 189. sm 53 covenant, for every covenantal oath invokes sanctions. To deny the presence of sanctions is to deny the covenant. What is the institutional church’s final sanction? Excommunication. But Rushdoony has already identified the family as the judicially authoritative administrator of the sacraments. He has denied church sanctions for non-attendance. Then whut authority remains to the institutional church?

There is no biblical evidence about the synagogue, presumably a post-exilic institution. But even if this eldership was required, this does not lead to his conclusion, namely, “The office of elder was more than tribal: it originated in the family; the head of the family was its elder. ”5° Where does it say in the Bible that only family heads may be civil rulers? Nowhere. Rushdoony did not cite a single biblical law to support his contention. Fact: Samson was an unmarried civil jwdge for many years.

43. Systematic Theology, p. 675. “Reconstructing the Church,” Calvinism lbduy, II (July 1992), p. 24. Io%m. See my discussion in Tithing and the Church, p. 118n. Baptized Patriarchalism 27 faithful administration of the sacraments, and the application of Biblical discipline. Without these things, we are not talking about the church in any historical or theological sense. Instead, a purely humanistic ideal of a denatured church is given us. ’’” I agree completely with this excellent summary of the marks of a true church and the humanistic implications of any denial of it.

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