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By Mark D. White

Why does not Batman simply kill the Joker and finish everyone's misery?

Can we carry the Joker morally answerable for his actions?

Is Batman higher than Superman?

If all people Batman's example,

would Gotham be a greater place?

What is the Tao of the Bat?

Batman is among the most intricate characters ever to seem in comedian books, photograph novels, and at the colossal monitor. What philosophical trials does this superhero confront on the way to continue Gotham secure? Combing via seventy years of comedian books, tv exhibits, and flicks, Batman and Philosophy explores how the darkish Knight grapples with moral conundrums, ethical accountability, his identification drawback, the ethical weight he includes to avenge his murdered mom and dad, and masses extra. How does this caped crusader degree up opposed to the lessons of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?

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What should you do? It seems that the morally acceptable answers include turning him over to social services, finding a home for him, and adopting and caring for him yourself. But what about putting him in a costume, training him to fight crime, and exposing him to constant danger in the name of refining and improving his skills and character? This is what Batman did with Robin . . twice (Dick Grayson and Jason Todd)! It’s harder to imagine that this would be as morally acceptable as turning him over to the state, and so on.

Of course, he works well with Commissioner Gordon, the various Robins, Catwoman, and others, but he seems to shy away from any interaction that does not focus on fighting crime. In particular, despite flirtations and temporary dalliances with Catwoman (both in and out of disguise), he never makes a life with her. Batman’s hatred of evildoers in part explains why more generally he jeopardizes his chance at loving relationships with the various beautiful women in his life. For example, his relationships with Julie Madison, Vicki Vale, and Vesper Fairchild never lead to marriage, children, or even stability.

Another significant conflict arises within the week: when Gordon’s plan works and the GCPD claims the gangs’ territories, the police wonder where they are going to put the prisoners. Gordon decides to release them, but Petit demands that they need to be intimidated so that they will not return later in greater numbers. So he executes a gang member before Gordon can stop him. ” From this point on, Petit becomes increasingly obsessed with violence, claiming that the only way to deal with Gotham’s criminals is to exterminate them.

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