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By Beethoven, Ludwig van; Crowest, Frederick James; Beethoven, Ludwig van

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In his University studies, A young man, who having failed came to grief in a profession and subsequently in trade, proved unsuccessful in an attempt at suicide, was expelled the army, and finally ordered out of Vienna, was scarcely a fit and proper person to for become suddenly possessed of a small fortune was with love and devotion, Beethoven, extraordinary straining every nerve to leave this rake in a state of To further the end absorbing him he independence. would even have resorted to pen and score-paper as he lay 36 Sturdy Guest on his bed of sickness, had not the doctors peremptorily refused his appeals to be allowed to compose.

About his "Choral" Symphony, the year when, anxious Beethoven is seen conducting its first performance a proceeding which would seem to indicate that even the composer's closest friends were unacquainted with the full extent of his deafness, or we may conclude they would not have allowed him to figure in such an unfortunate Always irritable and ashamed of his calamity, he was no mild chef tTorchestre, although the bandsmen were ever ready to make allowances for, and pocket insults and reprimands rebukes which arose invariably from position.

Whether, from a mere material point of view he would have proved a virtuous, generous swain and fond and thrifty husband is not so clear. The indications provided say no. That he appreciated female society, however, is evident enough, and that the question of marriage was occupying his mind at this time (1810) and others is patent. It was in May of this made year that he first met Bettina Brentano his years, who like others, had manifestly a soft place in his heart. The matter was strictly pre- junior by some fifteen served between them, and we hear less of the ripening of the project than of its sudden collapse.

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