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By Markus Virgil Hoehne

Among Somaliland and Puntland analyses the political evolution of the Republic of Somaliland (created in 1991), and the federalist Puntland country of Somalia (established in 1998). in response to large ethnographic learn, it describes the efforts via these residing in among the 2 polities to create their very own autonomously ruled states. Markus Hoehne presents an account of the political background of the sector, the actors, the grievances and the aspirations that lie in the back of their competing political visions. it truly is right here, he argues, that “the destiny political order of the Somali states will take shape”.

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This brought him into conflict with other Somalis, mostly Isaaq followers of the Qadriya tariqa in Berbera, which though dominant in the Somali peninsula since the sixteenth century, tolerated innovation. Maxamed Cabdille Xasan preached against practices introduced by British colonialists, such as the consumption of tea and qaad (a mild stimulant grown on qaad or qat trees [Catha edulis] in the Ethiopian highlands). He warned Somalis against Christian missionary activities. He left Berbera in anger, retreating to the territory of his mother’s clan, where he established his first centre in the area of Caynabo.

4–5, and 49. 23 John Hunt, A general survey of the Somaliland Protectorate 1944–1950, (Hargeysa, 1951), provided an interesting outline of descent groups and their ‘home wells’. 30 between somaliland and puntland During the post-colonial period of centralized governments, many northern Somalis moved south in pursuit of education and work. The socialist government of Siyad Barre, which came to power in Mogadishu in 1969, used the devastating drought in 1974—called dhaba dheer (‘long tail’) in Somali—as a pretext to resettle, with help from the Soviet Union, thousands of destitute northern pastoralists in southern Somalia’s Jubba and Shabeele river valleys and along central and southern areas of the coast in government farming and fishing schemes.

187–202. the making of a contested borderland 51 Maxamed Cabdille Xasan and his Dervishes in the 1910s, and established an autonomous Warsangeli sultanate under British supremacy. By the early 1990s, Suldaan Cabdisalaan was old and sick but still powerful enough to keep the peace. 64 When Suldaan Cabdisalaan died in 1996, his son Siciid was installed as successor but conflict within the ruling family continued. Ismaaciil Suldaan sought to transfer rule over the clan to his immediate family, while his nephew tried to retain his father’s influence.

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