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By Kenneth E. Hagin

God desires His humans to prosper financially. Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin provides a bird's eye view of the topic of prosperity for the believer

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I wanted to prove it out first. I'd seen that truth in 1950 when the Lord showed it to me. And it was working fine for me personally. As I just began to suggest some things to Brother Swift about it, he said, "I see God has been talking to you. Now let me tell you what God said to me in 1911 when I resigned from that missionary organization. ) Brother Swift answered the Lord, "No, I didn't know You promised to make me rich. If You did, I'd sure be glad to know it. " The Spirit of God showed him where it was written in the Bible.

In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die" (Gen. 2:17), He was not referring to physical death but to spiritual death. If man never had died spiritually, he would not have died physically. What is spiritual death? Spiritual death means separation from God. The moment Adam sinned, he was separated from God. When God came down in the cool of the day, as was His custom, to walk and talk with Adam, He called, "... Adam ... " (Gen. 3:9). Adam answered, "... " He was separated from God.

And He doesn't even always settle up the first of every year. But sooner or later, payday is coming. And, boy, you'd sure like to be around when payday comes if you've sown the right seed! Now if you're sowing the wrong seed, you don't want to be around when payday comes. When you can see that you have sown the wrong seed, you'd better repent of it quickly and get it all under the blood. Then God will forgive you and forget it, and you can pick up and go on. " But we've got ample Scripture that proves that the blessing of Abraham—including prosperity—is ours, too, under the New Testament.

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