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By Junhua (Alex) Tao, Guo-Qiang Lin, Andreas Liese

Biocatalysis is quickly evolving right into a key know-how for the invention and creation of chemical substances, specially within the pharmaceutical undefined, the place excessive yielding chemo-, regio-, and enantioselective reactions are severe. Taking the most recent breakthroughs in genomics and proteomics under consideration, Biocatalysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry concisely but comprehensively discusses the fashionable program of biocatalysis to drug discovery, improvement, and production. Written by means of a group of major specialists, the ebook bargains deep perception into this innovative box.

  • Covers quite a lot of themes in a scientific demeanour with an emphasis on business functions
  • Provides a radical creation to the most recent biocatalysts, smooth expression hosts, state of the art directed evolution, excessive throughput screening, and bioprocess engineering
  • Addresses frontier topics reminiscent of rising enzymes, metabolite profiling, combinatorial biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, and independent enzymes for the synthesis and improvement of chiral molecules, drug metabolites, and semi-synthetic medicinal compounds and usual product analogs
  • Highlights the influence of biocatalysis on eco-friendly chemistry
  • Contains a number of photos to demonstrate suggestions and methods

Biocatalysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry is a necessary source for scientists, engineers, and R&D coverage makers within the wonderful chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. it's also a useful device for tutorial researchers and complex scholars of natural and fabrics synthesis, chemical biology, and medicinal chemistry.Content:
Chapter 1 Enzymes and Their man made functions: an outline (pages 1–19): Junhua (Alex) Tao and Jian?He Xu
Chapter 2 Expression Hosts for Enzyme Discovery and creation (pages 21–44): Aleksandra Andryushkova and Anton Glieder
Chapter three Directed Enzyme Evolution and High?Throughput Screening (pages 45–64): Michael J. McLachlan, Ryan P. Sullivan and Huimin Zhao
Chapter four functions of response Engineering to business Biotransformations (pages 65–88): Lutz Hilterhaus and Andreas Liese
Chapter five Chiral Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Intermediates utilizing Oxynitrilases (pages 89–109): Wen?Ya Lu and Guo?Qiang Lin
Chapter 6 increasing the Scope of Aldolases as instruments for natural Synthesis (pages 111–119): William A. Greenberg
Chapter 7 man made purposes of Ketoreductases and Alcohol Oxidases (pages 121–151): Dunming Zhu and Ling Hua
Chapter eight functions of Nitrile Hydratases and Nitrilases (pages 153–181): Grace DeSantis and Robert DiCosimo
Chapter nine Biosynthesis of Drug Metabolites (pages 183–211): Wenying Li, David Rozzell, Spiros Kambourakis and Martin Mayhew
Chapter 10 program of Whole?Cell Biotransformation within the Pharmaceutical (pages 213–227): kinfolk Sing Lam
Chapter eleven Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Pharmaceutical average items (pages 229–245): Wen Liu and Yi Yu
Chapter 12 Metabolic Engineering for the improvement and production of prescribed drugs (pages 247–271): Dongping Lu, Philip G. Williams and Guangyi Wang
Chapter thirteen Multimodular Synthases and aiding Enzymes for Chemical construction (pages 273–303): Michael Burkart and Junhua (Alex) Tao
Chapter 14 eco-friendly Chemistry with Biocatalysis for creation of prescription drugs (pages 305–321): Oliver may perhaps

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B. megaterium, in contrast to B. subtilis, has low protease activity. It is able to grow on a wide variety of substrates. Plasmids with xylose-inducible promoter are most frequently used for high-level expression [41]. It was successfully used to express toxins and other difficult proteins where the proteins were intact after secretion into the media. Yields of about 30% of total soluble protein were obtained in some cases [42]. B. brevis is not so well studied. It also shows low extracellular protease activity, and a protease-deficient strain is available [43].

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