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Black lists, "gray" rape, whitewashing! Plus: Cyborgs!

Letter from the HQ

Letters & Comments

Love It/Shove It

The complain List

||| On Screen—After Tiller explores front strains of late-term abortion providers

||| On Activism—The historical past of anti-abuse activism in BDSM

||| at the Shelves—The new, gendered global of adult-incontinence products

::: guffawing It Off—What occurs whilst girls inform rape jokes?

::: Helen Thomas, Off the Record—A few evaluations from the 1st girl of the clicking

::: grey Matters—How rape in popular culture turned an issue of opinion

::: Roy G. Biz—The many colours of company co-option

::: Commodity Brokers—The candy and lowdown at the phenomenon of sugar dating

\\\ What larger Gift—Alice Walker's legacy keeps to bloom

\\\ again in Black—Can Hollywood's new Black record switch the industry?

\\\ Mobilizing the Bass—Women in worldwide bass are growing new areas within the dance floor
The again Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Donna Haraway by way of Kinoko

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Beginning with a glance on the radical and grassroots heritage of the 1st wave (with its starting place within the abolition move of the time), Firestone records its significant victory, the granting of the vote to ladies in 1920, and the fifty years of ridicule that undefined. She is going directly to deftly synthesize the paintings of Freud, Marx, de Beauvoir, and Engels to create a cogent argument for feminist revolution. deciding on ladies as a caste, she pronounces that they have to grab the technique of reproduction—for so long as girls (and purely girls) are required to endure and rear youngsters, they are going to be singled out as inferior. finally she provides feminism because the key radical ideology, the lacking hyperlink among Marx and Freud, uniting their visions of the political and the non-public.

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You said: “What is really lacking always for us is you don’t give the motivation of why they want to do us harm. What is the motivation? ” Your purchase of this digital edition makes it possible for us to thrive. [Laughs] And people bought that. I mean, that was the biggest lie that has ever been told. They needed a reason. Everybody died on 9/11. Still they wanted to go to war. I don’t think that I’m a good writer; I just know that journalism was a good profession for me. What should they have done after 9/11?

Fa l l . 60 bitch | 31 kind of like dogs—they have a sense of who is good and who is bad. ” This may be comforting logic, but it fails to consider how many of us, men and women, may have internalized messages from the rape culture in which we exist. Rape awareness campaigns still call upon women to protect themselves from attack by limiting their freedom of movement, and some rape victims will chastise themselves for being out at night in a particular spot alone. Lampanelli’s logic, and her comedy, ignores that.

I didn’t feel attacked—I was more pissed off than anything. But I didn’t kick him out of the house. In fact, I went on a date with him again. And thinking back on this I ask myself: How much am I willing to put up with for the sake of a warm body next to me? ” I laughed along with the audience, then immediately felt ashamed—my friend’s assault was upsetting, not funny. I confessed my guilt to Howell afterward. ” she responded. She explained that by telling the joke, she felt she was controlling how people reacted to her experience while simultaneously negotiating her own feelings about the incident.

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