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By Holly George-Warren, Us Magazine, Mark Seliger, Chris Mundy

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When I was playing the piano, once, in the green room at the Queen's Theatre, he came in and listened. I remember being made aware of his presence by his sigh--the deepest, profoundest, sincerest sigh I ever heard from any human being. He asked me if I would not play the piece again. The incident impressed itself on my mind, inseparably associated with a picture of him as he looked at thirty--a picture by no means pleasing. He looked conceited, and almost savagely proud of the isolation in which he lived.

To all who intend to become actors and actresses, my first word of advice would be--Respect this calling you have chosen to pursue. You will often in your experience hear it, see it in print, slighted and contemned. There are many reasons for this. Religious prejudice, fostered by the traditions of a by no means obsolete Puritanism, is one; the envy of those who, forgetting the disadvantages, the difficulties, the uncertainty of the actor's life, see only the glare of popular adulation, the glitter of the comparatively large salaries paid to a few of us--such unreasoning envy as this is another; and the want of sympathy of some writers with the art itself, who, unable to pray with Goethe and Voltaire, remain to scoff with Jeremy Collier, is a third.

I did my best," I answered modestly. "I was born on St. " he asked. " at which we both laughed, and I rose to go. " "I beg your pardon, sir. You asked me to report every exceptional leading man. This actor's leading man's days are past. " snapped Mr. Daly. " "Certainly. He is billed as Mr. " Mr. Daly looked up from his scribbling. "Irving? Irving? " "Yes, that was the old gentleman's mistaken belief; but the public thought differently, and laboured with Papa Bateman till it convinced him that his daughters were by way of supporting Mr.

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Download Brad Pitt (Editors of Us Magazine) by Holly George-Warren, Us Magazine, Mark Seliger, Chris Mundy PDF
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