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By Jonathan E Schroeder; Miriam Salzer-Mörling; Søren Askegaard; et al

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For example, the healthcare company Novo Nordisk has institutionalized a value-driven brand management process, in which local business units are carefully assessed by a team of ‘culture facilitators’ who evaluate whether they are living the brand according to corporate values and business principles. com/). Paradox of involving: cultural heritage and contemporary relevance Finding the right balance between respecting the cultural heritage of the brand and making this heritage relevant to current and future stakeholders is an ongoing concern for any company pursuing a corporate brand strategy, particularly in a time of increasing stakeholder involvement.

A. and Chittipeddi, K. (1991) ‘Sensemaking and sensegiving in strategic change initiation’, Strategic Management Journal 12: 433–448. , Schultz, M. and Corley, K. (2000) ‘Organizational identity, image and adaptive instability’, Academy of Management Review 25: 63–82. J. (1993) ‘The dynamics of organizational culture’, Academy of Management Review 18: 657–663. J. and Schultz, M. ’, Harvard Business Review 44:128–134. J. and Schultz, M. (2002) ‘Organizational identity dynamics’, Human Relations 55: 989– 1018.

As argued by the anthropologist John Sherry, the corporate landscape has become a brandscape (1998). I argue that it has increasingly become a corporate brandscape. Consider your most favourite brands or look at the brand valuation lists produced by organizations such as Interbrand and you are likely to discover that they are corporate rather than product brands. Increasingly, many of the world’s biggest companies—Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IBM—are seen as corporate brands rather than corporate entities (Davies 2004); corporate brands are increasingly being viewed as a vital component for organizational success and survival.

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