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Britain after the Glorious Revolution 1689–1714

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Cit. pp. 256-94. 44. Op. cit. p. 19. 45. See pp. 59-95 below. 46. See pp. 197-215 below, 'The Road to Peace, 1710-13'. 47. See pp. 123-4 below. 48. Ehrman, The Navy, p. XX; Scouller, op. cit. p. 348; Wilson, England's Apprenticeship, p. 217; C. T. Atkinson, Marlborough and the Rise of the British Army (1921), pp. 27-8. There were, of course, many foreign mercenary regiments in the Queen's pay. 49. J. S. Bromley, 'The French Privateering W'ar', in Historical Essays 16001750, ed. H. E. Bell and R.

68 Such, very briefly, is the historiographical background to the debate. What strikes the non-specialist, weighing to the best of his ability the evidence which the pundits have marshalled, are its many apparent contradictions. These can be illustrated first by reviewi1;g trade, industry and agriculture in turn, and taking a few examples within each field of the very different ways in which war made its impact felt. Since the passing of the Navigation Acts in 1651 and 1660 English shipping had been of crucial importance tJ English tradC'.

Pp. 16-17, 26, for the effect on bread prices of the climatic freaks of Anne's reign and the contrast with the levels of the next twentyfive years. 90. See English Shipping Industry, pp. 22-3, 29; A Commercial Revolution, pp. 15- 17. 91. Op. cit. p. 83. 92. See T. S. Willan, River Navigation in England 1600-1750 (Oxford, 1936); The English Coastal Trade 1600-1750 (Manchester, 1938). I. The Revolution and the Constitution JENNIFER CARTER FOR the British constitution the years between the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701) were as formative as the Glorious Revolution itself.

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