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2 The learned translator of Mani-mekhalai thinks that the Buddhists of the country of KaiicI may have studied logic before Dignaga. Since the sect of the Vatsiputrlyas has some affinities with the Vaisesjkas, cp. Kamalasila, p. 132. 6, this is not improbable. The theory of two pramanas and the definition of pratyaksa as nirvikalpaJca certainly have existed long before Dignaga in some Hinayana or Mahayana schools. Dignaga gave to these formulas a new signification, but he himself quotes in support of them a passage from the abhidharma of the Sarvastivadins.

Dignaga gave to these formulas a new signification, but he himself quotes in support of them a passage from the abhidharma of the Sarvastivadins. s ran-las-rnkhas-pa = svatantra-pandita. 1 To the time of his apprenticeship probably belong two early works, two manuals for the use of students. One of them is a condensed summary of the capital work of his teacher under the title of A b h i d h a r m a k o s a - m a r m a - p r a d l p a . 2 The other contains a breef summary (jpinddrtha) in mnemonic verse of all the topics contained in the A s t a - s a h a s r i k a - p r a j n a - p a r a m i t a - s u t r a .

The order of the chapters in this treatise is not discussed by him. He vehemently attacks V i n i t a d e v a his predecessor in the work of commenting upon the Nyaya-bindu and a follower of the first school, the school of literal interpretation. 4 The celebrated Cashmerian writer on the art of poetry, the brahmin A n a n d a v a r d h a n a composed a subcommentary (vivrtti) on Dharmottara's Pramana-viniscaya-tika. 5 1 Cp. R a j a t a r a n g i n i , IV. 498—«He (the king) deemed it a favourable circumstance that the teacher D h a r m o t t a r a had arrived in the land, because he then saw in a dream that a sun had arisen in the West (of India)».

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