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By Mohan Wijayaratna

This ebook presents a bright and exact photo of the way of life and non secular practices of Buddhist priests and nuns within the vintage interval of Theravada Buddhism. the writer describes the way the Buddha's disciples institutionalized and ritualized his teachings approximately nutrition, costume, funds, chastity, solitude, and discipleship. this custom represents an incredible of spiritual existence that has been in India and South Asia for greater than thousand years. The advent by way of Steven Collins describes Theravada Buddhist literature, discusses the difficulty of the ancient reliability of the texts, and provides broad feedback for additional analyzing. The e-book can be of curiosity to students and scholars in Asian experiences, spiritual reviews, anthropology, and heritage.

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It is perhaps for this very reason that some non-Buddhist ascetics did not want their followers to visit the Buddha. Thus Upali, a devotee of Nigantha Nathaputta (Jina Mahavira) was about to go and see the Buddha to discuss certain religious questions. But the ascetic Dighatapassi, another disciple of Nigantha Nathaputta, advised his master: "Venerable One, do not let your devotee Upali go near the ascetic Gotama. Gotama is a deceiver. He has a charm which he uses to attract the disciples of other sects" (M1375; cf.

We know that several parks were set aside for the Buddha and his disciples by lay-followers. According to the Mahavagga, the first park of this kind was given by King Bimbisara, a friend and lay disciple of the Buddha, only a few weeks after his Enlightenment. " Thus from the beginning the new Community owned some grounds. Nevertheless, monks still did not make a practice of building shelters, or of having them built, to live in outside the rainy season; nor indeed were they allowed to do so. The Cullavagga (Vin II 146) gives us the following account of the first occasion on which the Community accepted lodgings.

15, 30 Endnotes 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. w . 14-15, 24-25). Still today in Sri Lanka when Buddhists give a monastery or ground for a monastery to the Community, they observe this custom. The monks drew water from these wells to take baths, and they could keep their robes in these "rooms next to wells," which were small huts built alongside. Lamotte (88) pp. 17ft. ] These creepers and grasses were used for ropes, basketwork, mattresses, and other things. [The content of this message is described in Chapter 3, pp.

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