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By Jean H. Morin

This legit account of the difficulty within the Persian Gulf lines the Canadian Forces committment to the Gulf sector based on Iraqui aggression in 1990-1991. established upon their own studies, quite a few interviews, and unrestricted entry to reputable papers, they've got produced a candid account of price for either the army expert and the civilian.

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The need for Canada to be seen as supporting a potential UN embargo of Iraq, rather than siding with the US in defence of Saudi Arabia, argued strongly in favour of naval rather than air or ground forces. There were also domestic concerns demanding urgent attention. 23 At the time of the invasion, the House was in summer recess and not scheduled to sit again until 24 September. But an early recall of parliament to deal with the Gulf deployment would provide the Opposition with an open forum to debate government action on the Oka crisis and the worsening economic situation.

27 Although the onus was therefore squarely upon MARCOM, the planning circle was widened to include Air Command (AIRCOM) and Mobile 29 The Canadian Forces in the Persian Gulf: Operation FRICTION, 1990-1991 Command (FMC). They were directed to lend whatever support was required. To facilitate that, General Huddleston took the extraordinary step of allowing DIRLAUTH (DIRect Liaison AUTHorized) among the commands as appropriate to complete staff checks. The National Defence Operations Centre (NDOC), normally only a skeleton crew during the silent hours, also was activated to round-the-clock operations in order to be able to respond immediately to their requests.

214. A captain in the navy is the equivalent of an army or air force colonel. See Appendix A for Canadian Forces rank equivalents. The Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF) programme would add twelve new ships to the navy, expanding the traditional ASW function to include an ASUW capability and good AAW self-defence. The Tribal Update and Modernization Programme (TRUMP) was an expanded mid-life refit of the four DDH-280 Iroquois ("Tribal")-class destroyers, incorporating area air defence and command and control (C2) improvements, in order to give the fleet the ability to conduct truly independent Task Group operations in any threatened environment.

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