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With divorce premiums at the upward thrust, progressively more mom and dad are dealing with tricky custody events concerning their kids. From mom and dad having trouble seeing their young children regularly, being denied visitation via the opposite mum or dad, or now not receiving adequate or any financial aid, mom and dad more and more locate themselves drawn into court docket to argue those concerns. This ebook used to be written to notify mom and dad in their felony rights and aid them take their case during the method to guard themselves and their children.In easy-to-understand language, this e-book tells you:--How to get custody in Illinois--How to appreciate Illinois relatives courtroom procedure--How to switch a custody, visitation, or help order--How to soak up case of kidnapping or abuse--How to get sole or joint custody--How to terminated parental rights--How to calculate baby aid in Illinois--How to end up paternity

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In that case, the support order is established and treated just as an order for support in a case where paternity has already been established. 07 IL Custody Ch 3 22 1/11/08 4:39 PM Page 22 child custody, visitation, and support in illinois A final note concerns men who wish to establish paternity for the purpose of preventing the mother of their out-of-wedlock child from placing the child for adoption. In Illinois, the state’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has established a Putative Father Registry to maintain information about men who believe they have fathered children in Illinois and wish to protect their rights as fathers to those children.

This will enable you and your attorney to evaluate your position and adopt the best stance possible for your case. In order to prepare your case, you must do two things: gather information and preserve evidence. The information you need to collect is anything that will show that you are a parent who deserves to have the custody or visitation award that you are seeking. You also need to be prepared, if necessary, to show that the other parent should not have the award he or she seeks. While it is true that in a negotiation situation you usually are better off avoiding a chapter 5 09 IL Custody Ch 5 09 IL Custody Ch 5 36 1/11/08 4:42 PM Page 36 child custody, visitation, and support in illinois combative or accusatory position, you have to be prepared for the possibility that negotiation may not succeed.

And who is allowed to sign important documents, for example, a passport application for the child; ✪ how often, when, and for how long must the custodial parent allow telephone contact between the child and the other parent; ✪ that the custodial parent will provide the child with any mail sent to the child by the other parent; ✪ whether physical punishment (spanking) is to be allowed; ✪ how much input into the child’s upbringing will be allowed by either parent’s new spouse or significant other; ✪ which parent is allowed to take a dependent deduction for income tax purposes; ✪ that each parent will provide the other with any change in address or telephone number; ✪ that visitation may not be denied to the other parent due to illness of the child or unwillingness of the child to visit the other parent; ✪ that neither parent may move with the child out-of-state (or out of the county of residence) without permission from the court; ✪ that neither parent will take the child out of the country without the other parent’s written consent; ✪ that neither parent will intimidate, threaten, harass, stalk, or assault the other; ✪ whether the child’s grandparents will be allowed visitation with the child in the event of the death of the grandparents’ child (for example, paternal grandparents if the father dies); ✪ whether the parents agree that one parent will receive custody if the other parent dies; and, 08 IL Custody Ch 4 1/11/08 4:41 PM Page 34 ✪ how to handle later disputes; for example, whether additional mediation will be required and who will pay for it.

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