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By Sudeshna Roy, Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

This quantity captures the essence of the way we converse changes in relationships, among and throughout cultures, in companies, via schooling and in moments of neighborhood and international clash and concern that demonstrates the significance and viability of drawing close peace and clash verbal exchange from a number of fields inside of verbal exchange experiences.

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CDA is very helpful in determining the location and spread of hegemony in news media discourse. Stereotypical portrayals of particular social groups are firmly embedded in polarising discourses of extremism and terrorism. The chapter particularly draws on CDA’s hermeneutic method of ‘grasping and producing meaning relations’ (Wodak and Meyer, 2001, p. 16) to determine the resonance between negative and destructive stereotypes, on one hand, and discourses of hate and hostilities, on the other, employed by the mainstream British press coverage of the 2013 Lee Rigby murder in Woolwich, especially in the West Midlands.

Cultures are communicative systems associated with groups, organizations, and places/spaces; cultures emerge through structures that are institutional, such as government, churches, and legal and educational systems. Christianity is a strong institution in Kenya, for instance. Cultures are also evident in communicative texts and discourses in relationships between group members and in personal sets of values, representations of other groups, and so on. This approach to cultures as plural, dynamic, and multi-dimensional means that cultures pertain to socially constructed orientations as well as institutionally/organizationally produced ideologies, policies, and practices.

Several community groups and intercommunity An Intercultural Peacebuilding Framework 27 organizations, such as those located in Meru, have begun to meet regularly for peace forums and problem solving. During my last visit, a community member explained that they no longer had patience with politicians whose promised resources, such as a larger police force, never materialized. They had decided to form their own security group who community members could call on. One community worked with their female chief and local women’s groups to close down an illegal liquor distributor, and at the same time committed to protecting the female chief from retaliation from any of the male chiefs or local security personnel.

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