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By C. J. Cherryh

Whilst these extraterrestrial beings entities referred to as "humans" despatched their first exploration send into Compact area, the normal energy alliances of the seven Compact races have been catastrophically disrupted. And, giving look after to Tully, the one surviving human, Pyanfar Chanur and her tom cat hani workforce have been pitched into the heart of a galactic maelstrom, turning into key gamers in an influence video game which may reason an intersteller battle, or deliver the final desire for peace among 8 slightly suitable alien races.

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Tall robed shadows stalked ahead of them and others walked behind, as a door opened and let her and Kesurinan and Skkukuk into the hakkikt's meeting-room. Sikkukkut waited for them, in a room ringed with black kifish shadows. Two incenseglobes on tall poles gave off curls of sickly spicy smoke that curled visibly in front of the sodium-lights mounted to the side of the room, while another light from overhead fell wanly on Sikkukkut's floor-hugging table, himself and his chair, the legs of which arched up about him like the legs of a crouching insect.

I think Ana got wrong. I damn scared, hakkikt, he got number one bad mistake. I don't think he do what he do, damn, I come on dock, try get Pyanfar out lousy mess, I don't know my damn partner going to blow the damn dock, I don't know he going outsystem, I don't know he got deal with Ehrran and the damn stsho-What happen? I get shoot at, I get caught, I get lousy drug and beat up, you think I be damn fool, hakkikt, come outside if I know what he do? Hell, no. Maybe Ana same time got smart idea, but he don't know I be out there, I don't know he be going to leave the docklousy mess.

Where's Jik, you earless assassin? She tried not to think of what kind of demonstration Sikkukkut was capable. "We will have a discussion on the matter," Sikkukkut said; and there was the subtle, soft whisper of arrival in the outer corridor. "Is that Tahar? Yes. Alone except for my escort. " Tahar hesitated in the doorway, then ventured close-a quiet step, a quiet settling into place when the hakkikt gestured her to sit at the table: a rippled-maned, bronze-pelted southern hani with a black scar across her mouth that gave her a grim and raffish look.

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