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By Shane Kirkpatrick

Utilizing social-scientific feedback, this paintings offers a studying of Daniel 1-6 as literature of resistance. The characters and episodes of those stories are learn opposed to a backdrop of social pageant for the cultural worth of honor. all the stories of Daniel 1-6 is analyzed, revealing a comparability that's sustained in the course of the compilation and that pits the Judean culture in festival with a dominant overseas culture. The dynamics of comparability and festival are explored in every one story with assistance from social-scientific versions depicting honor and exploring the similar dynamics of purity, patronage, advantage, restricted strong, and envy. This paintings is especially precious for students and scholars attracted to social-scientific feedback and the price of that method for Hebrew biblical studies, in addition to for these attracted to Daniel, honor and disgrace, historic rhetoric, and cultural resistance within the postexilic interval.

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Yet another response is to suppose that there may be one right reading, but that we have no universally-held criteria by which to know if it were ever articulated because all readings are evaluated on criteria that are held, self-referentially, within any one or another discourse. A fourth response is to conclude that there is no one right reading that exists outside the diversity of particular and discoursespecific readings we now have or ever will produce. The difference in these responses is significant, and, arguably, that significance is borne out with regard to the second issue.

Herzfeld 1980 and 1984). Indeed, a focus on honor and shame can obscure the distinctive features of any given specific society (“there is more to Mediterranean culture than honor and shame” [Chance 1994:148–49]). Thus, honor and shame have peculiar particularities that are obscured by applying them generally to an area even as large as the Mediterranean. From both of these directions, the unity of the Mediterranean (“the Levant, North Africa, and Southern Europe” [Brandes 1987:121]) as a cultural area of study has been questioned.

The analogy of a building—where “solid” arguments are “built” upon strong “foundations”—is no longer serviceable (see Deist 2000:39–40). An alternative analogy is that of a web, where various strands or threads are found to be in complex interrelations with each other (the analogy is attributed to Willard V. O. Quine by Murphy [1994:12–13]). The work of identifying and fostering these relationships is helpfully illuminated by the metaphor of “negotiation” (see Litchfield 2004). ” Regarding the distinction between academic and lay readings of the Bible, Bible study leaders will need to recognize the integrity of both sides and facilitate a local study group’s negotiation of the differences.

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