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By Nicolas G. Adrien

Computational hydraulics and hydrologic modeling are quickly constructing fields with quite a lot of functions in parts starting from wastewater disposal and stormwater administration to civil and environmental engineering. those fields are filled with promise, however the abundance of literature that now exists comprises many new phrases that aren't continually defined.Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary defines extra that 4,000 easy phrases and words regarding water conveyance with emphasis on computational hydraulics and hydrologic modeling. Compiled by way of Nicolas G. Adrien, a famous consulting engineer with 3 a long time of expertise, this dictionary contains special references to genuine modeling reports, approximately a hundred illustrations, one hundred fifty equations and formulation, and plenty of notations. it's also a bankruptcy of software examples and one other containing greater than 6,000 similar phrases with an inventory of assets the place readers can locate extra definitions.Other dictionaries and glossaries with regards to those components are usually both dated or a lot narrower in scope. This dictionary bargains extensive, practice-based assurance of phrases culled without delay from the newest texts, references, and real engineering experiences. Computational Hydraulics and Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary stands by myself in delivering prepared entry to the vocabulary of those matters.

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Also called finished-water reservoir. See also clear well. Clear well A tank or reservoir of filtered water for filter backwashing; sometimes used simply for storage of filtered water or as chlorine contact chamber. Also called clear-water basin or clear-water reservoir. S. Geological Survey. See also water year. Closed basin An area that drains to a depression, lake, pond, etc. that has no surface outlet; loses water by evaporation and percolation. See also continental basin. , flow under pressure, as opposed to open-channel flow.

Cavitation may also occur under the nappe of a spillway when the actual head over the spillway exceeds the design head by 50% or more. 0. The pump manufacturer usually specifies it. See the formula for the net positive suction head (NPSH), Equation (N-11). s = H¢/H (C-2) CD Abbreviation for compact disc. CDF Abbreviation for (1) centralized detention facility and (2) cumulative distribution function. CDROM or CD-ROM Acronym for compact disc read-only memory. A computer storage disc that uses laser optics instead of magnetic means to read data.

Washload, also called suspended load or fine sediment load, is the suspended particles not found in the streambed. Bed material load comes from the bed, including bedload, but excluding washload. See also desilting basin; suspended sediment. Bed slope The slope of the bed of a stream. Between two cross sections, the bed slope is the difference in elevation of the two sections per unit distance along the bed, measured in the direction of flow. Same as bottom slope. Belanger’s critical velocity Same as critical velocity.

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