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Com et us be clear, this is not a typo: We are indeed talking about the Radeon HD 5850 that originally debuted in September 2009. As of this writing, AMD has completely supplanted the 5000 series with cards for every video viewing and gaming demographic. Yet Sapphire sent us what amounts to an ancient GPU strapped to a new cooler. We’re supposed to be impressed? Actually, we are, and you should be, too. The Radeon HD 5850 is a 40nm DirectX 11 GPU (just like those in the 6000 series), it has 1,440 stream processors (32 more than the Radeon HD 6950), 72 texture units (16 more than the 6870), and 32 ROPs (the same as all Cayman-based GPUs).

5mm gold-plated mic and speaker jacks. The Shock also impresses performance-wise. Though audio leans toward being bass-heavy, the Shock is solid overall, especially given its price. Tt eSports touts enhanced bass performance from the Shock’s 40mm drivers, and it’s noticeable whether using the Shock with a home-theater system for movies, iPod, guitar amp, computer, etc. com for my tastes. : Call of Pripyat and Aliens vs. Predator, the emphasis on bass was welcome. The Shock wore comfortably for hourlong or so stretches for me.

A third utility, GPU-Z, will also come in handy to verify that the mod has worked, but it’s not a necessity. Performance: Before & After The Mod I n an effort to quantify the impact enabling the Radeon HD 6950’s dormant shader cores had on performance, we tested the card in a variety of configurations and compared its performance to a Radeon HD 6970 throughout. We tested the Radeon HD 6950 in its stock form, after modding the BIOS to unlock the additional shader cores, and finally with the shader cores unlocked and Benchmark Scores the card overclocked.

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