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By Han D.

This is often an loose introductory textbook on hydraulics and written for undergraduate scholars in civil and environmental engineering, environmental technological know-how and geography. the purpose of this booklet is to supply a concise and complete assurance of hydraulics.

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Com 37 Concise Hydraulics Momentum Equation 2 1 Please click the advert what‘s missing in this equation? You could be one of our future talents MAERSK INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE PROGRAMME Are you about to graduate as an engineer or geoscientist? Or have you already graduated? P. Moller - Maersk. com 38 Concise Hydraulics Momentum Equation 3. A vertical jet of water leaves a nozzle at a speed of 10m/s and a diameter of 20mm. 5kg. What is the vertical distance h? 98m ) Solutions 4 Momentum Equation 1.

4 Grade Line Hydraulic grade lines: A line that represents the potential energy and pressure energy in the fluid. z p Ug When a hydraulic grade line is below the pipeline, the pressure in the pipe is less than the atmospheric pressure (negative pressure). Energy grade lines: A line that represents the total energy in the fluid. z p V2  U g 2g 2 It is always vertically above the hydraulic grade line by a distance of V /(2g) . 5 Combination of pipes 1) Pipes in series Two or more pipes of different sizes or roughnesses are so connected that fluid flows through one pipe and then through the others in turn.

Fx FRx FRx  Ap and Fy Fx  Ap FRy  Ap 318  83202 8352 . com 36 Concise Hydraulics FRy Fy  Ap Momentum Equation 318  83202 8353 . 1kN Questions 4 Momentum Equation 1. A small ingot and platform rest on a steady water jet. If the total weight supported is 825N, what is the jet velocity? Neglect energy losses. 1m/s) 2. 15m3/s, the diameters are D1=450mm, D2=300mm and D3=200mm, and the upstream pressure p1=500kN/m2. Neglect energy losses. com 37 Concise Hydraulics Momentum Equation 2 1 Please click the advert what‘s missing in this equation?

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