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By Dalai Lama

This ebook addresses essentially the most basic and difficult questions that experience pushed a wedge among the geographical regions of Western technology and faith for hundreds of years.

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This area controls a colordedicated neuronal system. We find a similar color vision deficit from removal of the equivalent cortical area in the brain of the monkey. Further, we know that neurons in this region in the monkey are responsive to color presented in the contralateral visual field. In other regions neurons may be responsive to visual shape or motion, but not to color, or only incidentally to color, as in passing along color information to this particular area. In this region, therefore, there are neurons which specialize in the color processing necessary for conscious perceptual experience of color.

They report loss of the ability to see color in one half of their visual field, left or right, rather in the same way that you can lose color on a television screen if you turn the color knob. You can still see different shapes, and perceive depth, and know whether an object moves. But you cannot see color in half the visual field. We have studied the brains of many such individuals over several years and found that there is one critical area on the inner side of each hemisphere in the brain, damage to which leads to this kind of half-field color loss.

This work is panoramic and is proceeding at many different levels of analysis: How do single neurons change? What is the anatomy, and the chemistry, of such changes? How do neurons combine themselves into functional networks? How do these networks change? How is memory organized at levels of behavior and cognition? How is memory stored anywhere in the brain? How many different kinds of memory are there? One might say that in the neurosciences there are two great problems: there is the problem of the initial organization of connections among nerve cells in the brain, and there is the problem of how these original connections can be altered.

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