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By Jean-Maurice Vergnaud

Numerical research of subject move is a space that pharmacists locate tough, yet that is a strategy usually utilized in getting ready managed drug unlock and oral dosage kinds. This ebook presents transparent and simple info allowing the reader to hold out numerical research of topic move - an important processs while the formula of oral dosage types with managed drug free up. The drug is dispersed in a polymeric matrix both biodegradable or now not, the foundation of that's the move of the liquid and the drug via dosage shape. details in this diffusion is located both via mathematical therapy while the matter is straightforward, or via numerical research for extra advanced difficulties. Professor Vergnaud demonstrates and clarifies those, modelling the method of drug supply through the use of numerical research and computerization. A simulation of the method is equipped, including a decision of the consequences of all parameters, and the writer makes use of either mathematical and numerical types to foretell the coaching of latest dosage kinds capable of fulfil particular stipulations.

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Erfc (2n+ l)L-x 21cDi Sec. 21 Non-steady state with a high coefficient m - 1) n. erfc + C( 27 of matter transfer (2n+ l)L+x n=O 2l-D-t where C, representsthe constantconcentrationon the two surfacesof the sheetfor t > 0. This is also the concentrationobtained in the sheetafter infinite time, when the sheetand the surroundingatmosphereare at equilibrium. 21) $ $+2. = 2fE. ca I z(n=l l)n. 18) are of better use for long times of diffusion, as REMARKI the seriesdoesnot convergefast for short values of time, and low values of the ratio $.

The main condition is that the total amount of diffusing substancein the solution and in the sheetremainsconstantduring the process. The thicknessof the sheetis 2 L and that of the solution is 21’. Two casesare considered: when the substanceinitially in the solution diffuses the sheet,and when the substanceleavesthe sheetand entersthe solution. 1) = D. g = D. The boundary condition expressesthat the rate at which the substanceenters the sheetthrough the surfacesx = f L is constantly equal to the rate at which the substance leavesthe solution.

Finite volume of solution. F -exp L cos%l - High value of the surrounding volume When the volume of the surroundingvolume is very high, the ratio of the volume cx Sec. 3), after a given time, the diffusion can be considered as achievedin steadystate. The membraneof thicknessL hasits surfacesmaintainedat constantconcentrations: Ci for x = 0 and Co for x = L. When the steady state is reached, the concentration of substanceis independent of tune and remains constant at all places of the sheet. 73) ‘“cat -- Cici=; Mathematical 46 treatment of diffusion in a plane sheet [Ch.

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