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By Paul Halpern

Encouraged by means of the top of the millennium, celebrated technology author Paul Halpern tackles the destiny of human civilization and our planet during this meditation at the finish of the realm. starting with the spiritual origins of the assumption of apocalypse, Halpern indicates how technology has borrowed the metaphor to explain strength all over the world catastrophes. He spins out quite a few eventualities for destruction, from nuclear warfare and international warming to an excellent flood and a brand new Ice Age. He argues that whereas human background will sometime come to a close-even if we survived for billions of years, we might finally face the tip of the universe itself-in the intervening time we've won impressive keep watch over over our destiny as a species. confronted with the facility to lead our planet towards paradise or rework it into hell, he says, we needs to take steps to prevent these catalysts of apocalypse which are inside of our keep an eye on.

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The power of its blast formed the Chicxulub impact crater. In contrast to the catastrophists, though, Napier believes the dinosaurs were already well on their way out when the Chicxulub object hit. Its impact, in his view, formed the fireworks at the end of an age of mass extinction, rather than that era's primary cause. There are other theories. Deep in the heart of Southern India lie the Deccan Traps, a vast plateau formed of dried lava from an ancient series of volcanoes. 5 In yet another rebuttal to the Alvarez hypothesis, he asserts that a prolonged age of supervolcanism associated with that region led to the venting of mammoth clouds of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, 30 COUNTDOWN TO APOCALYPSE and other gases high up into the air.

Concurrent with the Great Winter Solstice is a period of deluge, when the world is covered by water. The Epic of Gilgamesh records one such instance of this flooding. In contrast, when the Great Summer Solstice makes its presence known in the heavens, the world becomes destroyed by fire. Our perspective here does not permit a complete accounting of all of the cyclical time schemes of ancient cultures from around the In many early cultures, including the Greek and Babylonian, planetary alignments were seen as heralding the beginnings of new ages.

And gradually this watery glop melts away, dissolving into vast muddy puddles s 43 44 COUNTDOWN TO APOCALYPSE and dirty tepid streams. These rivulets merge with the rainfall water, forming dreary currents that steadily snake their way through streets and sidewalks, fields, and forests. Sometimes if it rains long and hard enough, and the snow melts quickly enough, proper drainage proves impossible. That's why spring thaws are frequently followed by spring floods. Occasionally these floods grow so powerful they overwhelm their surroundings.

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