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Tao-yi said: "How can a mirror be made of a brick? " 46 DHYANA BUDDHISM IN CHINA Huai-jang then taught the method asked Tao-yi to note a Stanza: of [ Ch. lent, at 'once gets liberation in this very life. Every thing is here. Every thing is now. D . ) , and upon lus death, the posthumous title "the Dhyana Master of Great Wisdom" was conferred on him by imperial edict. 2. Shih-t'ou And l\Ia-tsu Shih-t'ou Hsi-chien was born at Kao-yao of Tuan-chow of a Chen family. as prac­ The custom consisted in tised among the Liao people.

He was asked by Hung-jen where did he belong to and what did he expect to obtain from him ? He replied, "I am a commoner in Lin-nan and I have travelled far to pay my respect to you. " You are a hative of Lin-nan, and 11] THE DHYANA FOR BECOMING BUDDHA 31 moreover, you belong to the aborigines. " said Hung-Jen. He answered : "Al­ though there are Northern people and Southern people, north and south make no difference to their Buddha-nature. " Hung­ jen then realized that the man is wise and ordered hIm to join the crowd work.

Yin-tsung therefore conducted the cere­ mony of hair-cutting for initiating Hui-neng into the Order. " This is· namely to speak the doctrine of seeing your own nature is becoming Buddha. Hui-neng the 6th Patriarch who preached the Dhm"ma doctrine at Tsao-hsi used to ask disciples to recite Nama Mahaprajnaparamitra as an initiation to the order. ' Empress Dowager Che-tien and the Emperor Chung-tstu1g of the Tang dynasty wanted to seek Dhyana doctrine from Hui-neng and sent Eunuch Shuel Chien to invite Hui-neng to go to the court, On the ground of illness, the 6th Patri­ arch declined the royal invitation.

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