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The only sound in the Catawba's wheelhouse came from the static over the ship's open radiophone loudspeaker, turned up to high volume and tuned to an emergency frequency. Suddenly, with such unexpected abruptness that even Dover twitched in surprise, Murphy's voice loudly reverberated inside the wheelhouse. ” “Go ahead, Arnie Marie,” Dover answered into a microphone. ” The words were so cold, so terse, nobody absorbed them at first. ” “No sign of a pulse in any of them. ” What the boarding party found was a ship of the dead.

One of the men paused to check their air gauges. He calculated they could work another ten minutes and still have a safe supply of breathable air to reach the surface. They turned off the valve on the airlift, stopping the suction, while they waited for the river current to carry away the cloud of disturbed silt. Except for the exhaust of their breathing regulators, it became very still. A little more of the wreck became visible. The deck timbers were crushed and broken inward. Coils of rope trailed into the murklike mud-encrusted snakes.

To Lucas and his deputy agents it was a twenty-four-hour game trying to keep one step ahead of the “Man,” guessing where he might suddenly decide to go and when, and what visitors he might invite without providing time for proper security measures. it was a game Lucas often lost. In less than a minute he was down the stairs and in the West Wing confronting the second most powerful man in the executive branch, Chief of Staff Daniel Fawcett. “Good morning, Oscar,” Fawcett said, smiling benignly. ” “There appears to be a new excursion in the schedule,” Lucas said, his tone businesslike.

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