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By Elaine Landau

In 1492, 3 ships set sail. Ahead—the unknown excessive seas that nobody had dared to go. the place will Christopher Columbus and his males land? Will they find a New global? Will they go back alive to inform the story? might you sail with Columbus? What may you DO?

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It wasn’t what they’d dreamed of or expected. What Would YOU Do? What would you do if you were Columbus? Would you try to reason with the crew? Maybe you could explain how wind and water currents work. You could also say that they were probably getting closer to land. Water tends to be smoother near land. Would you try a different approach? You might think that a scientific answer would not work for the crew. You could simply tell them that the still water was an act of God. You could say that prayer is the answer and ask the men to pray.

Some Spanish nobles also believed in Columbus. Columbus was now the admiral of a fleet of three ships. Columbus planned to sail on the Santa Maria. That was the largest and most sturdy vessel. The other two ships were the Niña and the Pinta. Both were smaller and lighter ships. The crew on these boats would be especially cramped. Most of the men would have to sleep on straw mattresses on deck. The men would even have to sleep in shifts. Image Credit: ©Thinkstock: Peter Bull (Top) And ©Thinkstock: Dorling Kindersley RF (cross-section) This cross section of the Santa Maria shows how crowded the ship was.

Martín Alonso Pinzón would be captain of the Pinta. Columbus had met with both men ahead of time. But after spending some time with Martín, Columbus knew that he didn’t like him. Martín was hungry for glory. This worried Columbus. He feared that Martín might try to take credit for the mission. Yet Columbus needed Martín Alonso Pinzón. Martín was a more experienced and better known seaman than Columbus. He was respected and even had some ships of his own. Martín would be useful in getting crew members to sign up.

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