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By Benjamin L. Miller

Effective thoughts for utilizing Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry

In a comparatively brief interval, Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry (DCC) has grown from proof-of-concept experiments in a number of remoted labs to a huge conceptual framework with functions to a very good diversity of difficulties in molecular attractiveness, lead compound identity, catalyst layout, nanotechnology, polymer technology, and others. Bringing jointly a bunch of revered specialists, this review explains how chemists can practice DCC and fragment-based library ways to lead iteration for drug discovery and molecular attractiveness in bioorganic chemistry and fabrics science.

Chapters cover:

  • Basic theory

  • Approaches to binding in proteins and nucleic acids

  • Molecular recognition

  • Self-sorting

  • Catalyst discovery

  • Materials discovery

  • Analytical chemistry challenges

A entire, single-source reference approximately DCC tools and functions together with elements of fragment-based drug discovery, this can be a center reference that might spark the improvement of latest recommendations and techniques for chemists construction constitution libraries and designing compounds and materials.

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