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By Keith Pledger

Edexcel and a degree Modular arithmetic S1 gains:

•Student-friendly labored examples and strategies, major as much as a wealth of perform questions.
•Sample examination papers for thorough examination guidance.
•Regular evaluation sections consolidate studying.
•Opportunities for stretch and problem awarded in the course of the direction.
•‘Escalator section’ to step up from GCSE.

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Extra info for Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics: Statistics 1

Sample text

If you cannot decide what to call something, it’s often a clue that all is not well in your table and column design. In addition to coming up with appropriate names, most database designers have their own personal rules of thumb, or naming conventions, that they use to ensure the naming of tables and columns in a database is consistent. Don’t have some table names singular and some plural. For example, rather than naming one table office and the other departments, use office and department. If you decide on a naming rule for an id column—perhaps the table name with an appended _id—stick to that rule.

Here is some SQL for creating a new table in a database. This example creates a table for customers: CREATE TABLE customer ( customer_id serial, title char(4), fname varchar(32), lname varchar(32) not null, addressline varchar(64), town varchar(32), zipcode char(10) not null, phone varchar(16), ); We state that the table requires an identifier, which will act as a primary key, and that this is to be generated automatically by the database system. It has type serial, which means that every time a customer is added, a new, unique customer_id will be created in sequence.

As you can see, that was pretty easy. Don’t worry about the details of the SQL statement yet. We will come back to that more formally in Chapter 5. Projection Now let’s look at projection, where we are selecting particular columns from a table. Suppose we wanted to select just the first name and last names from our customer table. You will remember that we called those columns fname and lname. The command to retrieve the names is also quite simple: SELECT fname, lname FROM customer; PostgreSQL responds by returning the appropriate columns, as shown in Figure 2-8.

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