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TRIBAL UNIVERSITIES For the pitifully few who squeeze through the bottleneck to the university stage, the prospect is a bleak one. The Government is at present busy forging the final links in the chain of Bantu-ized education. It is not surprising, once they had conceived the idea of 46 Bantu Education they had to cap it with the invention of that educational monstrosity, tribal universities. What is surprising, however, is that they should find it necessary to pass a law forbidding the existing universities to allow Non-Europeans to enter them.

This was no easy matter. He could travel only during his vacation. The journey was a long one; it was at least a day and a night in the train from that part of the Cape to the Transvaal. Besides the difficulty of raising the money for it, it was none too easy for a Black man to get a ticket at the station unless he had a pass. He might be arrested at any moment. On arriving at the government office in Pretoria he had to cool his heels while the White clerks were finishing off their conversation about sport and such like.

Their Calvinist upbringing, with its emphasis on discipline and control, had prepared the Afrikaner Nationalists for the ready acceptance of the rigidly controlled educational system of the Nazis, The fact that the Nazis in effect rejected religion and replaced it with the worship of the Fiihrer and the sanctity of the totalitarian State did not diminish their admiration. Politicians today are prostituting Calvinism in the service of power-politics and for the purpose of exploitation. 35 Tn Germany the Nazis evolved a system of education with a double purpose.

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