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By Yoshinori Mine

Egg Bioscience and Biotechnology presents a truly centred examine the newest advances within the learn and value-added use of the bioactive parts of eggs. This ebook focuses normally on biologically energetic ingredients derived from egg parts and their power use. those contain elements with anti-microbial, anti-adhesive, immunomodulatory, anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive, and anti-oxidant homes.

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5 Å resolution, and showed that it has a mixed α/β structure containing a single C-type lectin-like domain. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF EGGS 21 However, although OC17 shares the conserved scaffold of the C-type lectins, it does not bind carbohydrates. Daengprok et al. (2003) found that the total Ca transport across Caco-2 monolayers grown on a permeable support was increased 64% in the presence of soluble eggshell matrix proteins. The active enhancer had a molecular mass of 21 kDa and N-terminal sequence of Met–Ala–Val–Pro–Gln–Thr–Met–Val– Gln; it did not correspond to any previously identified protein.

Improved physical and biochemical features of a collagen membrane were obtained by conjugating with soluble eggshell membrane protein (Ino et al. 2006). 2. Egg Albumen Water is the major constituent of egg albumen, ranging from 84% to 89% from the outermost to innermost layers. Proteins are the major component of albumen solids, accounting for about 10–11% of the albumen weight, while carbohydrates (primarily glucose), lipids, and minerals are minor components (Li-Chan and Nakai 1989). 8 show the composition of amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals and vitamins, respectively, in egg albumen compared to egg yolk.

Ovoglycan was involved in growth of the crystalline palisade (Arias and Fernandez 2001). The eggshell matrix proteins that may be involved in the regulation of calcite growth during eggshell calcification include lysozyme (DominguezVera et al. 2000), ovalbumin (Panheleux et al. 2000; Dominguez-Vera et al. 20 STRUCTURE AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF EGGS 2000), ovotransferrin (Panheleux et al. 2000; Dominguez-Vera et al. 2000), clusterin (Mann et al. 2003), osteopontin (Fernandez et al. 2003; Lavelin et al.

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