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When a certain load is Calculate the load. 105. A balloon having a total weight of 800 Ib contains 15,000 ft 3 of hydrogen. keep the balloon on the ground? 7 lb/in. 2 Temperature of air and hydrogen, 60 F. the same as that of the atmosphere. Pressure PROBLEMS 53 8 (w - 150 lb/ft ) slab 2 ft thick and 10 ft square is dragged on 30 a incline under water, by a force exerted parallel to the incline. Calcuup late this force if the coefficient of friction between slab and incline may be taken as A concrete 106.

15. Now consider the general case 4 of a plane submerged area A B, such as that of Fig. 16, located in any inclined plane X-X. Let the center of linearly 4 force A of the resultant general solution for the magnitude, direction, and location this area will allow easy calculation of the forces on areas of more regular on shape. FLUID STATICS 32 gravity of this area be located as shown, at a depth h g and at a distance from the line of intersection, 0-0, of plane and the liquid surface. the dF on the small force, area, dA, Calculating X-X lg y dF = pdA = whdA = but h / sin a, and substituting dF = this value for h wl sin a

Of mercury? 2 55. 47 lb/in. 18 in. 50 in. of mercury. If barometric pressure drops to , what will the gage read? compartments of these tanks are closed with air. Gage A reads 30 lb/in. 2 Gage B of mercury, 56. The and filled a vacuum of 10 in. of mercury. 6 inside of compartment 2? registers gage C 2 Assuming the the pressure p x 57. lb/in. liquid in Fig. , calculate . 58. Calculate the pressure h is px in Fig. 0 feet. 59. If the barometer of Fig. 7 lb/in. 2 60. 5P lb/in. 83 lb/ft 8 ). 61. 43 in.

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