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By T.A.Gopinatha Rao, Gopinatha Rao

This treatise is an early try for a diligent seek into the starting place, descriptions, symbols, mythological history, that means and ethical goals of Hindu photographs. The publication is in volumes, each one quantity back in elements. Vol. I, half I includes a lengthy advent discussing between different issues the starting place of Hindu photo worship in India, explanatory description of the phrases hired within the paintings, Ganapati, Visnu and his significant and minor avataras and manifestations, Garuda and Ayudha-Purushas or personified photographs of the guns and logos held by means of gods. Vol. I, half II bargains with Aditya and Nava Grahas (nine planets) and their symbolic positive aspects and pictures worshipped, Devi (Goddesses), Parivara-devatas, and dimension of proportions in photographs. Vol. II, half I starts with an creation discussing the cult of Siva that is via such very important themes as Siva, Lingas, Lingodbhavamurti, Chandrasekharamurti, Pasupatamurti and Raudrapasupatamurti, different Ugra different types of Siva, Dakshinamurti, Kankalamurti and Bhikshatanamurti, and different vital features of Siva. Vol. II, half II includes descriptions of Subrahmanya, Nandikesvara and Adhikaranandi, Chandesvara, Bhaktas, Arya or Hariharaputra, Kshetrapalas, Brahma, the Dikpalakas, and demi-gods. moreover the publication includes five Appendices together with Sanskrit texts of Parivaradevatah, Uttamadasatalavidhih and Pratimalaksanani. The remedy has been made fascinating by way of profuse illustrations, the 2 volumes containing as many as 282 photos of sacred pictures.

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LXXX— Fig. Halebidu Do. 2, , 261 262 ... (A. S. ) 264 ... Varadaraja, (A. S. 1, 259 ... ) S. My) 268 268 ... ), LXXXI — Vifchoba and Rukmabayi, Pandharipura LXXXII— Fig. 1, Manmatha and Rati, Halebidu, Do. Angur, (A. LXXXII— Fig. 2, ... 273 ... 277 ... ) LXXXIII— Fig. ) LXXXIII— Fig. Manmatha, Tenkasi 2, Do. LXXXIV— Garuda l,Garuda, Palur LXXXV— Fig. Sudarsana-Chakra, Fig. LXXXV— '2, LXXXV. ) and Obverse Do. Badami LXXXVI— Surya, Gudimallam LXXXVII— Do. Meioheri 1, Madras Museum Do. 2, Ellora, 3, LXXXIX— Surya, XC— Surya, XCI— Surya, XCII— S5rya, 278 ...

Circuit read cirouita, For alloted read allotted. For svana read savana. For pratasvana rend pratassavana. XXX 11 ADDENDA AND COEEIGENDA. 5. For madhyandinasvanaread madhyandinasavana. „ 249— For fcritiyasvana read tritiyasavana. For XXVII read LXXVII. For Damhodhava read Dambhodbhava. For Narayana to read Narayana are to. For anxiously forward read anxiously looking forward. Omit of. For latter read later. For two other read other two. For his read its. For PL LXXXVI read PI. LXXXV-A. For iconoclastic read iconoplastic.

Eama and XXXIX). HINDU ICONOGRAPHY. Page X— Line XVI— „ 9 ^^ — 11— 6. For Arcbselogioal read Arohaeologioal. „ 1. _, 14. Omit of. Omit handles. Margin of 3 — 13— Line 14_ ,_ 5. 14. 24. For beads read hands. For For PI. IV. Fig. 2 read fig. 9. PI. V, figs. 4, 15— 3. ,, For PL V, figs. 1, 44— 5 and For For s read and 3 read PI, V, 6. figs. 5 and 6 read 4, 2 and saorificies 2 1, figs. PI. V, 3. read sacrifices. is. i^or circuit read or circuit. Omii colour. For great rea(^ a great, For back and front rearf.

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