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Through 390 BC, the Roman military was once wanting switch, as Greek-style strategies of scuffling with with a heavy infantry phalanx have been proving more and more outmoded. an army revolution was once born within the type of the legion, a device of battle higher fitted to competitive motion. but by means of the tip of the third century BC, Rome’s status used to be shattered through the genius of Hannibal of Carthage, inflicting the Romans to revise their conflict strategies once again, this time by way of inventing a complete new type of soldier. This ebook finds those defining moments in Roman army heritage and the revolution in conflict strategies that they brought on, interpreting how the Roman military finally grew to become all-conquering and omnipotent.

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Behind a screen of light-armed troops (leves), the first line contained maniples (manipuli) of bastati ('spearmen'), the second line was made up of maniples of principes ('chief men'), and the third line, made of the oldest men, consisted of maniples of triarii ('third-rank men'). One significant problem with Livy's account, however, is the fact that he has 15 maniples in each of the three lines, as opposed to Polybios' ten maniples. 57-58) that we can identify the rorarii as skirmishers and the accensi as servants.

Likewise, various officers w e r e allocated the overall effort o n each side of t h e c a m p ( s e e f i g u r e s t h e responsibilities of supervising t h e sentries a r o u n d t h e in b o t t o m i m a g e ) . c a m p a n d transmitting orders for t h e next day's march. Military historians regard Cannae as a classic example of a successful doubleenvelopment manoeuvre. On this hot, dusty, treeless plain, by withdrawing his centre while his wings stood firm, Hannibal annihilated some 50,000 Romans after they were lured forwards between the jaws of the Punic army.

For instance, we read that the three Roman Horatii brothers - triplets - fought as champions against the three Curiatii brothers - also triplets - of next-door Alba Longa. 23-25), two of the Roman champions were quickly cut down, but not before they had wounded their Alban opponents. The last Horatius then pretended to flee, drawing the wounded Curiatii into pursuit until they had separated, at which point he turned upon them and despatched each one separately with his sword. When the common clansmen were drawn into a general fight we may assume that there were few niceties of tactics, just a sprawling scuffle and scramble as men of each side hammered away at each other until exhaustion or weight of numbers swung the balance.

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