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By Shane Mountjoy

What a few observers thought of to be not anything greater than a college culture turned the root of a key constitutional query facing spiritual freedom and the that means of separation of church and nation in US. Combining profiles of key litigants with pictures, footnotes, and a chronology and timeline, this paintings offers assurance of this example.

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Gobitis. Each dealt with religion, and Gobitis involved religion in the schools. Cantwell v. Connecticut began when a Jehovah’s Witness, Newton Cantwell, sued the state over rights related to the free exercise clause. Cantwell and his family lived A DAY OF THANKSGIVING AND A PRAYER Separation of church and state in America has not always been clear, at least not in the words uttered by elected leaders. Justice Potter Stewart, who dissented in the Engel decision, reminded the Court that virtually every president has referred to God in his inauguration speech.

Butler was a member of the New York Civil Liberties Union, which was the local ACLU chapter. He was also a practicing Catholic and a conservative corporate lawyer. Butler remembered how the ACLU chose him to try the case: When the case came up, they decided that the lawyer could not be a Jew. He must be a Catholic, that is, someone taking the attitude that he is DEFENDING prayer and religious freedom, not attacking it. 55 Assisting Butler was another ACLU attorney, Stanley Geller. Besides having a Catholic attorney to represent their case, the ACLU also wanted to have the suit brought by as diverse a group of clients as possible.

In addition, the desire to keep good relations with Catholic Canada no doubt played a role in congressional dealings with their neighbor to the north. A 1774 letter from the Continental Congress to Quebec reminded the colony that the Swiss Federation was comprised of both Protestant and Catholic states, united to stand successfully against invading tyrants. The parallels to the North American situation were obvious: Catholic Quebec and the Protestant colonies, though they differed in religion, could still form an alliance against England.

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