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Science Awakening II: The Birth of Astronomy

Whoever desires to comprehend the genesis of contemporary technology has to persist with 3 strains of improvement, all beginning in antiquity, that have been introduced jointly within the paintings of ISAAC NEWTON, particularly 1. historical arithmetic => DESCARTES 2. old Astronomy => COPERNICUS: I=> NEWTON three. historical Mechanics => GALILEO => HUYGENS In technological know-how Awakening I (Dutch version 1950, first Eng1ish version 1954, moment 1961, first German version 1956, moment 1965) i've got the 1st 1ine, giving an overview of the improvement of arithmetic in Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece.

Britain after the Glorious Revolution 1689–1714

E-book by means of Holmes, Geoffrey S.

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Satellite monitoring of forest fires in Russia at federal and regional levels. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change: 11. No 1: 113-145. 2006. Franca J. R. , Multispectral remote sensing of biomass burning in West Africa . J. Atmos. Chem. 22: 81–110. 1995. , Forest fire detection in East Siberia forests using AVHRR/NOAA data. In: Proceedings of International Simposium on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Application (Robert O. 1998. , Detection of small fires from NOAA/AVHRR data.

Of Geophys. , 102 (D14): 16, 697-16,713. (1997). , “Design and application of the atmospheric radiation model for detection of the ocean temperature from space sensing data,” Cand. -Math. Sci. , Tomsk, 192 p. 1987. , From Physical Foundations, Theory, and Simulation to Thematic Processing of Satellite Images. Publishing House of IAO SB RAS, Tomsk, Ru. 266 p. 2005. , Atmospheric correction of ASTER. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens: 36. No. 4: 1199–1211. 1998. , Paolini, L. Land surface temperature retrieval from LANDSAT TM 5.

The overestimation for case B exceeds 300 K. 3. APPLICATION OF THE RTM METHOD TO DETECTION OF HIGHTEMPERATURE OBJECTS The RTM method was tested using data of 97 files (granules) of the telemetric information from EOS/MODIS (Terra satellite, daytime images) for June 2006, pertaining to the West Siberian territory. As test objects for observations, we have chosen 13 flames from combustion of accompanying gas in oil-gas fields of Tomsk and southern Tyumen Regions. The choice of flames was determined by their stability and availability of their geographic coordinates, necessary for the torch identification.

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