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By Avihu Zakai

Through studying the ideological origins of the Puritan migration to the USA, the writer exhibits how Puritans believed that their removing to New England fulfilled prophetic apocalyptic and eschatological visions. in accordance with a detailed interpreting of Puritan texts, the ebook explains how Puritans interpreted their migration as a prophetic revelatory occasion within the context of a sacred, ecclesiastical historical past, and why they thought of it because the climax of the background of salvation and redemption.

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Augustine, City of God, trans. J. O ' M e a r a (Middlesex, 1984), p . 8 4 2 . P. B r o w n , "Saint A u g u s t i n e , " Trends in Medieval Political Thought, (Oxford, 1965), p . 1 1 . ed. B. Smalley 24 Exile and Kingdom Christian life in the world as "resident strangers," or "resident aliens," 43 and this existential state determined, ipso facto, the Christian view of history. In terms of sacred, providential history as well, to Augustine's mind profane history was devoid of any significance: that since the coming of Christ, until the end of the world, all history is homogeneous, that it cannot be mapped out in terms of a pattern drawn from sacred history, that it can no longer contain decisive turning-points endowed with a significance in sacred history.

In England, this struggle of faith, a constant and violent battle for the soul of the English people, was finally resolved with the coronation of Elizabeth. The Apocalypse of the Geneva Bible Another work written in exile during the reign of Bloody Mary also contributed enormously to the development of the Protestant apocalyptic tradition in England: the Geneva Bible of 1560. Its extraordinary popularity in England left an indelible mark on Protestants and Puritans. "The vitality of the Geneva Bible was wonderful.

124-5. Hay, Annalists and Historians, p. 1 2 5 . Thompson, A History of Historical Writing, vol. I, p. 530. Fitzsimons, The Development of Historiography, p. 122. Alfred Braunthal, Salvation and the Perfect Society: The Eternal Quest (Amherst, 1979), p. 146. The creation of sacred time 23 to come" and irrevocably separated prophecy from history. No longer considered an intrinsic part of the historical process, eschatological revelation receded into some undefined realm outside the boundaries of history.

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